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Using Google Forms to Lighten the Load

using google forms

Elementary students are at a challenging age when it comes to technology. For some, they have been using it for years at home. For others, they are completely new to learning how a computer works. Therefore, it takes the right tech tools to create exciting lessons and engaging activities and not overwhelm students. Ultimately,  technology can transform your instructional practices while also helping you with organization. As you can probably tell, I’m sold on #edtech! However, I want you to know more about why you should be using technology in your classroom. Today, I’m sharing all about why you should be using Google Forms in your classroom.

Benefits of Google Forms

There are so many advantages to implementing Google Forms in the classroom. 

Google Forms Is a Powerful Assessment Tool

First, there are so many question options, such as matching and multiple choice. Additionally, it automatically generates charts and graphs that are perfect for data collection and analysis! Google Forms even color codes the charts for easy reading for busy teachers!

Google Forms are Paperless

Second, the Forms are paperless and easy to assign in Google Classroom. Therefore, no time is spent copying paper assessments. Some schools put copy limits on teachers by the quarter or school year. Save your copies and your time! The digital format makes checks for understanding easy to collect and analyze. Push out an exit ticket at the end of class using Google Forms, and it can be conveniently completed and scored in no time.

Updates to Google Forms

Third, Google is great about adding features that educators request. They update the tool frequently based on feedback from users. For example, teachers can now turn on a feature that allows students to save their progress in a Google Form and come back to it later. No more having to complete the Google Form in one sitting!

Google Forms Save You Time!

Lastly, this tech tool is a huge time saver for teachers. How many of you have spent countless hours grading something as simple as a basic math facts test? Even when you’ve got a good system in place, it still takes up SO MUCH TIME to score such a simple assessment. With Google Forms, you add the answer key when you create the quiz, and VIOLA! The math facts test grades itself! Therefore, the evenings and weekends will be yours again!

Don’t have time to make your own google forms right now? Well, if you teach math, I’ve got the perfect forms for you!

This is the perfect resource to practice addition facts with sums to 20. To work in all classrooms, it can be used for math quizzes, quick checks, morning work, homework, or independent practice. Even better, the Forms are self-grading, so say goodbye to hand scoring any of the questions. Furthermore, there are 15 different Google Forms with 50 addition facts on each Form! To ensure each student tries his/her hardest, the Forms shuffle the facts as well. Hence, students will answer the same questions but in a different order. To tailor these Forms to each classroom, every form is fully editable! Teachers can add in any needed facts.

In this set, students will practice their subtraction facts with numbers to 20. Just like the facts practice above, it can be used in a variety of ways, such as morning work or quick checks. With the self-grading feature, more time can be spent helping students and planning amazing lessons. These 15 Google Forms with 50 facts each are sure to help your students turn into subtraction masters!

Math Facts Practice: Multiplication 0-9

As students grasp operations, they will be ready for the next challenge: multiplication! To begin, students will practice multiplication facts with factors 0 to 9. As above, there are 15 Forms with 50 facts each to help ensure students understand how to multiply.

Once students learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication, they are ready for mixed operations practice! By practicing this set, students will be sure to know the importance of paying attention to the operation. As with the ones above, there are 15 Forms with 50 problems each. Teachers can even add in their own problems on these editable Forms!

Math can be so challenging for students to learn. However, with these Google Forms, students will practice their facts in such an engaging format! They will be so excited to use technology that they will be asking to practice math on Google Forms all of the time. I’ve shared several examples of how math fact practice and assessment can be made easier in Google Forms, but really you can use this powerful tech tool with any content.  The fact that Forms provides instant data on formative assessments makes it a MUST for any teacher

From getting you organized, providing you with valuable data, to saving you time, Google Forms has got it going on! What are some ways you’d like to utilize Google Forms in your classroom? Join in on the conversation on social media or comment below!

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